Biblical Commentaries in the Alphacrucis Library Catalogue

The library is constantly adding new resources, so this is not a complete list but may provide a helpful starting point for research for your exegesis.

1. Biblical Commentaries

Some commentaries are available as hard copies in our campus libraries, so you can request a scan of the pages you need or check online (e.g. Google Books). Others are available online - Finding Commentaries Online (5:16 mins). For commentaries available online through the AC library, see chapters 1.1 Old Testament Commentaries and 1.2 New Testament Commentaries in this Moodle book.

Below are some of the key New Testament and Old Testament series. Have a look through these lists for authors and titles of different commentaries relevant to your topic. 

You may search in the catalogue by the name of the series, specific authors or by ISBN. Try and filter by "Available Online" and "Resource Type: Book." Here is a tutorial on How to Use the Library and Online Research for Biblical Research  (19:36 mins).

Old Testament

    New Testament:

    For more recommendations, see Best Commentaries. .