How to Reference in Turabian


An additional research tool is known as Zotero. Zotero is a free tool that helps you to collect, organise and cite your research sources. 

With the Word plugin, it is easy to keep track of all the resources you have used and format your footnotes and bibliography. 

How to Add a Citation Using Zotero

   1. First, select the correct "Item Type". In the example below, this is Thesis (see How to Reference Unpublished Material). The different item types will show different fields to fill in.

   2. Then, add the relevant data into the required fields. 

   3. Then, using the Microsoft Word Zotero Plugin, which links Word with your Zotero account, you can easily find and insert the relevant footnote by clicking on the Zotero tab and selecting "Add/Edit Citation"

Tip: After selecting the highlighted resource, simply type in a number (e.g. 65) and it will automatically be inserted as the page number. Alternatively, selected the down arrow next to the Zotero "Z" symbol for additional options, such as prefix, suffix or page number.

Further Recommendations

For example, in the menu options on EBSCOHost, clicking on "Export" opens the option of "Direct Export in RIS Format (e.g. ...Zotero)."


Zotero: Helpful Links