How to Reference in Turabian

Referencing Past Essays

In some rare occasions, you may find that you need to quote something that you have written previously in an essay, particularly in VET-level studies. In these instances, you are still required to reference the quotation as you would another resource. 

Note, however, that in cases where you have a minimum number of required references for the bibliography, this will not count as a resource.

i. First citation in the footnotes

Emma Austin, “Beyond the Face: A Case for Early Orthodox Iconography” (RES602 Research Project, Alphacrucis College, 2016).

ii. Subsequent citations are shortened

Austin, “Beyond the Face”

iii. In the bibliography

Austin, Emma. “Beyond the Face: A Case for Early Orthodox Iconography.” RES602 Research Project, Alphacrucis College, 2016.