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Reminders and Notices

Reminders and Notices

by Lily Arasaratnam-Smith -
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Hello everyone,

Just a few quick reminders and notices:

1. If you're planning to attend the upcoming intensives LEA402 or LEA502 (27 - 30 June) and have not yet submitted your enrolment form, please do so ASAP. Please contact Geoff Facey ( if you require on-campus accommodation.

2. If you have not yet sat RES401 Critical & Creative Thinking, please note that there is an intensive 25 - 29 July at Chester Hill campus. This unit is required for all MACS and GCCL students (unless you have received excemption) and you are strongly advised to sit it during the beginning of your course rather than the end of it, as the unit is designed to prepare you for thinking and writing in the rest of the course.

3. The 2012 timetables (both face to face and online offerings) are now available on the postgrad student page on Moodle.

4. If you're planning to sit the THE401 Theological Horizons of Worldview intensive that is being held during the week of the 25th of July, please note that this intensive will be held at the Baulkam Hills campus (not Chester Hill campus).

5. As a general reminder, please note that there is an 80% attendance requirement for all face-to-face classes. If you're sitting an intensive, this means you cannot miss more than one (or two, depending on the length of the intensive) session. Hence please ensure that you plan all your travel around being present at all the sessions of the intensive.

6. Those of you who're nearing the end of your MA(CS) course, please familiarise yourself with the integrated/research project requirements and begin the appropriate application processes to sit one of these. I'm happy to answer specific questions regarding this.

If you have any further questions or need academic advice, do contact me. Wish you a safe and restful break (if you're taking one!) and all the best with your studies.

Dr. Lily Arasaratnam (Director, MACS)