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Principal's Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Principal's Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

by Lily Arasaratnam-Smith -
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Hello everyone,

As you may have seen on the Moodle homepage, nominations are being sought for an award for your favourite lecturer. While many of you postgraduate students are not regularly on campus, your views are very important in contributing to something like this. So I encourage you to take a moment to think about the lecturers who have made an impact on you or whose classes/intensives you have enjoyed, and nominate your favourite lecturer for this award. I have re-posted our Academic Dean's message below, so you know where to send the nominations.

All the best with your end-of-semester activities!

Dr Lily Arasaratnam, Program Director (MACS & GCL)


Message From the Academic Dean:

"We are very excited this year to institute the Principal’s Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. This award will be given to a teacher/s (as nominated by you) for outstanding achievements in their learning and teaching practices, at the next Graduation Ceremony.

 Thus, we invite you – our Student Community - to participate and nominate those AC teachers and faculty members who have impacted you with high quality, creative and inspirational teaching. Nominations may be for an individual or teams of teachers. And as long as you have been a current AC student within the last three years, you can make a nomination.

 To nominate, please email me, for more information.

 Deadlines for nomination –22nd November 2013


Dr Jacqui Grey (Academic Dean) "