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MCS June-July Intensives

MCS June-July Intensives

by Lily Arasaratnam-Smith -
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Hello MA(CS) students,

If you're looking for winter/semester 2 intensives, you may want to consider the following:

16 - 20 June (Parramatta) MIN504 Ministry of Healing, with Ps Kevin Hovey

7 - 11 July (Parramatta) MIN503 Contemporary Preaching, with Dr David Parker

(Also during the week of 7 - 11 July there is a RES401 Critical and Creative Thinking intensive available for both GCL and MCS students.)

21 - 25 July (Brisbane) BIB551 New Testament Letters with Dr Van Shore

And later this year...

1 August (Parramatta) THE401 Theological Horizons of Worldview, with Dr Shane Clifton

15 - 19 September (Brisbane) CON401 Ethics in Context

26 September (Parramatta) BIB550 Reading the Synoptic Gospels with Dr David Parker

20 - 24 October (Parramatta) HIS401 History of Christianity with Dr Denise Austin

27 - 31 October (Brisbane) BIB510 Old Testament Poetry with Dr Jacqueline Grey

As you can see, there is a wide range of intensives available for you. Please note that intensives are offered on the basis of demand, so if you're planning on enrolling in an intensive, please submit your enrolment form early to ensure that the intensive will have enough participants to proceed. If you are in need of academic advice, please contact me directly (

Note: All MCS intensives are open to audit participants. As such, if you have anyone in your organisation/church team who would benefit from attending one of these intensives, please encourage them to enrol as an audit participant. Audit participants do not have to be enrolled in an AC award in order to attend an intensive. They pay a flat fee for the week, receive all the content, and do not do the assessments. If you have any questions about audit participation, please contact