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Dear wonderful, organised, diligent PG students

Dear wonderful, organised, diligent PG students

by Daniel Thornton -
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You may have already seen my post on the HE home page... but I repost it here, to especially seek the "busy" people who know how to get things done!!!

Dear students... HELP!!

(I promise this is the first and last post on this topic you'll see from me)

Don't you just LOVE student feedback surveys?!?!  OK, you may not love them... but they really are profoundly helpful for us to keep improving what we do and provide the very best education we can for YOU, our online students! So, if you've just finished a unit, please make sure you complete the unit survey :)

AND WHILE YOU'RE AT IT (here's my personal plea), I really need help with my PhD survey... I need YOU!  It will take of all of 3 minutes and it will change the world! (well, it will change my world) here's the link:

Thanks in advance!!! Daniel

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Re: Dear wonderful, organised, diligent PG students

by Jim Twelves -

Dear Daniel,

I really love this post from you and endorse all you are doing towards your PhD.  I think you should say that all your students 'need' to do your survey or they will not get their Semester 1 marks!  What do you think?

Shalom, Dr Jim