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New Postgraduate Awards in 2015

New Postgraduate Awards in 2015

by Lily Arasaratnam-Smith -
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Dear Students,

It is with great excitement that I would like to share the news that Alphacrucis will be launching some new postgraduate awards in 2015. While the official launch is yet to be scheduled, the purpose of this email is to inform you, as current postgraduate students, the imminent changes so that you can be planning ahead for next year.

The new awards launching in 2015 are the following:

Graduate Certificate in Christian Leadership (

Master of Leadership ( 

Master of Arts ( 

Doctor of Ministry ( 

You’ll find the details of each of these awards by following the link to the AC website:

What are the implications of these new awards for you? You have some options, which are outlined below.

For Current MA(CS) students:

Option 1: Continue studies and graduate with MA(CS) – this option is advised if you are well-advanced in your MA(CS) course and close to graduating.

Option 2: Transfer to MA ( )


  • If the you have been specialising in Christian studies, then the transfer will have minimal implications as the specialisation subjects can be directly cross-credited to the major; and electives to electives.

  • If you have completed up to 6 subjects can also transfer with minimal implications.

  • For others, the transfer request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with maximum consideration for direct cross-credits from MACS to MA.

Option 3: Transfer to MLEAD ( )


  • If you have been focusing on leadership subjects, AND has completed only 7 or less subjects, then transfer is possible with minimal disruption.

  • Others’ transfer requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, with maximum consideration for direct cross-credits from MACS to MLead. But please note that MLead has 6 specific core subjects; hence there is some limitation in direct cross-crediting.

For Current GCCL students:

The new GCL has 2 subjects that are equivalent to the current GCCL, namely RES401 and LEA401. If you have only completed one or both of these subjects, then you may transfer to the new GCL if you wish. If you are further along in the current GCCL, however, you are advised to continue in the current course and complete it. The current GCCL still serves as a pathway for professional entry into the new MLead.

As previously mentioned, the new awards will begin in 2015, so you have some time to consider your options and choose your subjects for Semester 2, 2014 accordingly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (

Further Study Options?

You may also be considering further study once you have completed your current degree. The AC masters programs serve as a pathway into our new Doctor of Ministry program; you can determine your eligibility by viewing the admissions criteria on the Doctor of Ministry ( page or contact Associate Professor Jacqui Grey ( for more information.  

Hope our new awards will provide you with further exciting options for study! All the best,

Assoc Prof Lily A. Arasaratnam (Director of Research)

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Re: New Postgraduate Awards in 2015

by Lily Arasaratnam-Smith -

Dear MA(CS) students,

There have been some updates since the last announcement about the new awards in 2015.

As you are aware from the announcement by our new Chief Academic Officer (David Perry), there are new program directors for 2015. Those of you who are currently enrolled in MA(CS), please consider transferring to one of the new awards (MA or MLead) unless you are well-advanced in your course and near graduation. The new courses will offer you more options as we fade out MA(CS).

If you are transferring to the MA, please contact the new program director, Dr Robyn Wrigley-Carr for advice or questions:

If you are transferring to the MLead, please contact the new program director, Dr Ian Jagelman for advice or questions:

If you are interested in further studies or interested in the MTh or DMin programs, please contact the new program director, Dr Van Shore:

For enquiries regarding your summary of studies, enrolment processes, or other registry matters, please contact higher education program administrator, Mary-Jane Dunnett:

I will be assuming the responsibilities of Director of Research this year. It has been a privilege to get to know many of you in my previous role as Program Director.

I wish you all the very best with your studies!

Lily Arasaratnam-Smith