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Audit students” are those who attend classes with no obligation to participate in the assessment. No credit points are awarded for audited units. No access is provided to moodle and no FEE-Help is provided. Change in status from ‘credit’ to ‘audit’ is allowable in the first two weeks of semester only


Census Date

Census date is the deadline for finalising your enrolment and fees for each teaching period. When this date has passed, you are committed to the subjects you're enrolled in. This means you will be charged tuition fees and receive a grade for all your enrolled units.

You may change your enrolment up to the census date (ie. withdraw from subject or change to another subject), but no changes can be made after this date. Thus students who withdraw from a subject after the census date will receive a Fail grade on their transcript and no refund will be paid.



5 separate days of classes scheduled across the teaching period



A student is classified as full-time when they are enrolled in 40 credit points per semester. International students are required to maintain this study load.

A domestic student can be classified as full-time when they are enrolled in 30 credit points or more per semester.


Global Online Classes

Classes that are recorded (audio and/or video content) and provided via our online learning platform for a student to access during a teaching period


A grievance is a statement of concern reported to a person in authority at Alphacrucis College that requires action or response from the college. A grievance can be about any kind of situation or process affecting the student, academic and non-academic, and can be against a person or people at the college.



5 days of classes scheduled in a one-two week block 



“Non-Award Course” is a program of study which does not lead to a formal award. It may comprise a subject or subjects of study from an award course and may be counted as credit towards an award course in some cases. The student is not provided with FEE-Help.



A student is classified as Part-Time when they are taking 20 credit points or less per semester.



AC has two main semesters.

Semester 1 is Jan to June.

Semester 2 is July to Dec.

The census date determines which semester a subject belongs in. Eg. if a subject has a census date in Jan - it is a semester 1 subject. But if the census date is July - it is a semester 2 subject.

Typically a student only takes 4 subjects within each semester period.

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