Subject Delivery Options

Subject Delivery Options:


Frequency of Classes:

All classes have one of three frequencies

Weekly Classes

The content of these classes is delivered in weekly sessions. You are required to participate in each session according to its mode.


These classes are delivered in a single block of consecutive days (e.g., Monday to Friday of a single week). Intensives can be from 2 to 5 days long. Dates for intensives are listed in the Timetable. You are required to attend the full intensive.

Staggered Classes (also known as Extensives)

These classes have staggered delivery times (e.g., fortnightly sessions or 5 particular days throughout the semester). See the Additional Notes About Class column for the dates and times of the classes. You are required to attend all scheduled days.


Modes of Delivery: 

All classes have one of three modes

Live Classes

Live classes will be delivered either on campus, online live via Zoom or at a specified location. They run at a set time according to their frequency. You must attend live at the scheduled time for each session.

Recorded Classes

Recorded classes can be watched in your own time, but the expectation is that you will keep up with the (usually) weekly sessions.

Blended Classes

Blended classes have a compulsory live component as detailed in the additional notes column.

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