Subject Code ACC Bachelor Level Subjects

ACC101 - Accounting for Decision Making - Birt, J., Chalmers, K., Maloney, S., Brooks, A. & Oliver, J. (2017). Accounting: Business reporting for decision making. 6th Ed., Milton, QLD: Wiley. (digital version only - no hard copy). (Verified 2019)

ACC201 - Accounting and Financial Management - Tyler, J., Godwin, N. H., & Alderman, C. W. (2019) ACCT3 financial. South Melbourne, VIC: Cengage Learning Australia. ISBN: 9780170416856. AND Perdisco Online Practice Set (Verified 2020)

ACC202 - Financial Reporting - Deegan, C. M. (2016) Financial Accounting. North Ryde, NSW: McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN: 9781743764039.

ACC210 - Management Accounting - Sivabalan, P., Sawyers, R., Jackson, S., & Jenkins, J. G. (2016) ACCT2 managerial. South Melbourne, VIC: Cengage Learning Australia. ISBN: 9780170350358.

ACC212 - Accounting Information Systems - Textbook unknown (Unverified).

ACC301 - Accounting for Groups - Arthur, N., Luff, L., Keet, P., Egan, M., Howieson, B. and Ram, R. (2017). Accounting for Corporate Combinations and Associations (8th ed.). Melbourne, Vic..: Pearson Australia.

ACC302 - Financial Statement Analysis - Textbook unknown (Unverified).

ACC310 - Advanced Management Accounting - Textbook unknown (Unverified).

ACC311 - Accounting Theory and Current Issues - Rankin, M., Ferlauto, K., McGowan, S. and Stanton, P. (2017). Contemporary Issues in Accounting (2nd ed.).  Milton, Queensland: John Wiley & Sons Australia.  ISBN: 9780730343530

ACC320 - Audit and Assurance - Textbook unknown (Unverified).

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