Study Load

Your study load is based on the number of credit points you are undertaking per semester. It can change from one semester to the next, depending on your other responsibilities or financial capacity. If you are unsure of your capacity, you may wish to start with one or two subjects and increase your load once you have gained confidence. 

  • Full time: Enrolment into at least 30 credit points in a semester period 
  • Part time: Enrolment into no greater than 20 credit points in a semester period 
  • International student requirements: Any person studying in Australia on a Student Visa is required to maintain enrolment at 40 credit points per semester, except where a reduced study load has been formally approved (see the International Student Officer). 
  • Centrelink requirements: It is your responsibility to be aware of any load requirements if you are receiving government financial assistance.  You can learn more government assistance for study here.

Last modified: Tuesday, 29 January 2019, 5:22 PM