Enrolment Forms

A student completes the application form in order to gain admission to study at the college. A student completes an enrolment form before the commencement of each semester in order to enrol in the specific units they wish to study for that semester.  

If for some reason a student wishes to pause their study for a semester and not enrol, they need to request a leave of absence to indicate to the college that this is their intention. A student can take leave for a total of one year (or two semesters) throughout the duration of their course. Leave taken beyond this allocation may result in the student being required to apply again for the course. 

In order to complete the enrolment form, you need to know what subjects you wish to enrol into for the semester (by checking the enrolment guide and the timetable) and the way in which you will pay your tuition fees (upfront, direct deposit, FEE-HELP etc.). 

Link to Enrolment Forms 

Link to Variation of Enrolment Form – for leave of absence 

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