The Content and Focus of Your Research Project

Both RES500 and RES501 are designed to enable you to synthesize what you have learned in your entire Masters program in a focused, holistic way while extending your knowledge of a specific topic related to your area of study.

Students are strongly encouraged to consider their research as an opportunity for integration. As you approach your research question, you can draw knowledge, insight, and perspective from across the subjects you have taken in your course.

For these reasons, we strongly encourage students to complete their research project (RES500 or RES501) at the end of their Masters program.

Preparing for Your Research Project

When you are ready to enroll in either RES500 or RES501, consider the following steps:

1. Consider 2 to 3 topic areas that you would like to work on. You can then contact your Program Director to discuss the shape of the project and potential supervisors. It is common for project ideas to require consideration and narrowing. For this reason, you are encouraged to contact your Program Director in the semester before you commenced your research project.

2. Your Program Director will work with the AC Facutly to identify and assign a suitable supervisor for your project. It is imperative that your Program Director has organized supervision before you formally enroll in the unit. Once you have been assigned a supervisor, contact that supervisor that he/she can help you to commence your research project.

3. Enroll in the appropriate unit through your Student Gateway.

4. Maintain regular communication with your supervisor as you progress toward completion of your project.

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